Cracking the Code: Benefits of Tooth Numbering on Orthodontic Bracket Bases

Cracking the Code: Benefits of Tooth Numbering on Orthodontic Bracket Bases


Orthodontic treatment is a complex and highly specialized field, where accuracy and efficiency are of paramount importance. To enhance efficiency in the clinic, orthodontists have adopted various innovations, one of which is tooth numbering on the bases of orthodontic brackets. This seemingly simple feature, which laser etches the tooth number on the back of the sandblasted base, carries numerous advantages that can significantly benefit orthodontic professionals. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of tooth numbering on orthodontic brackets.

1. Enhanced Precision

Tooth numbering on orthodontic brackets allows for an immediate and precise identification of each bracket. This means orthodontists and their staff can easily pinpoint the target bracket they need to use and reduce the margin of error in the placement of the correct brackets to the correct tooth. With clear, numerical markings, according to the Palmer Notation, there is less room for error in bracket placement.

2. Improved Record-Keeping

Accurate record-keeping is vital for any orthodontic or dental practice. With the addition of the tooth number on the base of the bracket, record-keeping is enhanced. These records are valuable for patient history and future reference.


Tooth numbering on orthodontic brackets is a seemingly simple but highly effective practice that brings numerous benefits to both orthodontists and their patients. It enhances precision, efficiency, communication, and overall treatment quality. As orthodontics continues to evolve, adopting technology like tooth numbering demonstrates the commitment of orthodontists to providing the best care and achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients. By choosing to use these small but important features, orthodontists can take their practice to the next level of excellence.

All Ortho Shop’s brackets have this innovative numbering feature on their bases as standard, for the same price as other suppliers' brackets without this added feature. We believe our brackets such as the Mini Maxx S Twin Brackets, the Lucchesi Sub-Slot Twin Brackets, and the ICON Self-Ligating Brackets bring added value to our customers by having this added feature.
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